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lean diagnostic How To Increase Productivity By Up To 51.7% In Only 62 Days !

'Lean' Implementation Secrets Revealed !

Many thanks for the product, Fantastic, Brilliant only describe as World Class. Have worked in manufacturing since 1977. Thanks for Helping me do what I am good at again Hope we stay in touch and make a difference

Jeff Mullen Production Manager UK

Lean Manufacturing Secret Revealed......

Ex Toyota Consultant Reveals The Secret Ingredient In Any Successful Lean Implementation..... Quickly Turn Your Old, Inefficient Machinery Into Your Very Own Cash Cow !

At Last, A Lean Implementation Process That Anyone Can Use - Without The Need For Costly Consultants

Now, my friend....... What is your problem ? What's hurting your business right now ?

  • No matter what you do, you can never seem to get decent productivity out of your machines ? 
  • Costs and overheads are eating into your profits ?
  • Productivity remains low, even though you've tried everything to get it up ? 
  • Your people and machines are Working as hard as they can but you still can't seem to keep pace with your competitors ?
  • You need to invest in new machinery in order to fulfil the orders you have but you don't have the cash to do it ?
  • You desperately need to cut costs in order to just stay in business ?

Okay, so why haven't you fixed these already ?

  • You've probably read about the results gained from implementing Lean Manufacturing tools such as SMED, OEE and TPM but didn't know where to start ? 
  • You probably think the only way to bring these into your business is to bring in expensive Improvement or Training Consultants at a cost of $2000 - $3000 per day but can't justify paying this without having any guarantee of results ?
  • You don't have the knowledge to do it ?
  • You don't think Lean will work for you ?
  • You don't have $40,000 - $50,000 to spend on consultants who will just give you Off the shelf answers to your very specific problems ?
  • You don't trust Consultants ?

The '
Standard Business Roadmap - Machine Shop Package' is a step by step guide for ANY business that uses ANY type of machinery.

We have crammed over 26 years of Lean implementation experience into this step by step guide (Many of which were gained by the co-writer of this package as a manager in TOYOTA !)

It comes complete with all the Training material you will need, not only to educate yourself, but also to train the key people in your business and  most importantly  equip you with the knowledge you need to apply these tools and make a real difference.


This is not a one size fits all Lean package. 

This step by step guide will take you through the recommend steps to a successful Lean implementation and provide the tools to do it. You may find some aren't applicable to your particular situation, Just skip these and use the steps that are going to make a difference to you, after all, nobody knows your business like you do!


Just applying ONE of these tools could turn your business around in a matter of WEEKS !


So why did we put this product together in a format that any competent manager can use? - Because we have been asked for it by so many of our contacts who simply refuse to pay the extortionate prices being charged by the consultancy firms that are springing up everywhere, but unfortunately this is the only other way you can get hold of even 50% of what you get here!

You see I'm fed up. The big Consultancy firms will charge you extortionate amounts just to come in and tell you what you need to do. 

But you'll still end up having to do it because it's your business.

And so, in spite of the inevitable backlash from the Consultancy profession, I have decided to put my neck on the line and Uncover the real truth about implementing Lean.

I can't get into too much detail here because it would take up far too much space. That's why we've made a completely downloadable version of the package:

The Standard Business Roadmap - Machine Shop Package

  • Standard Business Roadmap - Full, step by step implementation guide. This will guide you through the universal stages that ANY change process MUST go through in order to be successful.
  • Diagnostic Tools - These tools will show you Exactly where you currently stand AND what your next steps need to be.
  • Lean Tools Explained - The Diagnostic tools will show you what you need to do, these will show you HOW to do it. All come in Powerpoint AND PDF format so you can easily transfer them over to your own company format to train your own improvement people and really get some RESULTS !
"Your materials are great! My company was recently purchased by GE. They are placing a lessor emphasis on Six Sigma and more on Lean."Thanks again

Dan Feliciano Six Sigma Master Black Belt US

  • Instant Delivery! - All these products are Fully Downloadable - You can start applying these tools in the next 5 minutes !
Excellent global transaction; Excellent instructional material. This literally saved me 100's of hours of work!

J Rosk Change Manager - US

  • Increases productivity using just your current assets and workforce by between 12% and 52%
  • Reduces your costs by 10% - 52%
  • Gives YOU control over your business !
  • Enables YOU to run Your Business - Not the other way round !


 This Package Will Remove That Feeling Of Anxiety - The Feeling Of Not Knowing What To Do Next.


It Will Also Show You HOW To Do Those Next Steps - The Vital Missing Ingredient In All The Other So Called 'Lean Guides' !

- Standard Business Roadmap Implementation Manual.(Value - $149.97)

Powerpoint Training Packs: (Fully Editable)

- TPM - 12 slide presentation / Training Pack (Overview)

- OEE - 28 slide presentation / Training Pack

- Autonomous Maintenance - 39 slide presentation / Training Pack

- Effective Maintenance -  59 slide presentation / Training Pack

- Poka Yoke (Errorproofing) - 38 slide presentation / Training Pack

- SMED (Quick Changeover) - 33 slide presentation / Training Pack

- SIPS (Standard In Process Stock) - 11 slide presentation / Training Pack

(Total Value - $1049.79)

60 Day Ironclad Money back Guarantee

Q. What happens if I'm not completely satisfied with these Lean Manufacturing Products?

A. You are covered by our 100%, 60 day money back guarantee! If for ANY reason you are not totally happy with the product, we will refund all your money! No questions asked!

Q. Is my payment secure?

A. Your payment is totally secure, we never see any of your details. The payment is processed by the biggest and most secure payment processor on the net - Clickbank

Q. Do I need a Paypal account to pay for the product?

A. No.

Q. What if there is something I don't understand or if I have problems downloading or I don't know how to download these Lean Manufacturing Products?

A. Simply send us an email or give us a call and we will answer ANY questions you may have!

This is quite simply information you will NEVER find anywhere else.

Information that can quite literally transform your business. But I must warn you: I cannot guarantee that I will not up the price to $167 at any time if a Consultant friend of mine manages to convince me that is what I should do. (He's afraid of losing business!)


            So don't hesitate a moment. Let nothing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING interfere with you taking immediate action and clicking below to get your hands onÂ…


The Standard Business Roadmap - Machine Shop Package

The price for this totally unique product has been kept to such an amazingly low price due to the electronic delivery of the product.... There is no shipping.... No postage costs........ No packaging... So we can keep our costs to a minimum - AND, You get your product instantly !

Get Hold of this NOW for JUST - $67.00

Free Bonus Gift #1 (Value Stream Analysis, Current State $149.00 Value) Fully editable Powerpoint Presentation and Training Pack. Simply copy across into your own Company slide templates 54 Slides

Free Bonus Gift #2 (Value Stream Analysis, Future State $149.00 Value) Fully editable Powerpoint Presentation and Training Pack. Simply copy across into your own Company slide templates 34 Slides

Free Bonus Gift #3 (Business Assessment Tool $99.00 Value) Audit Tool that not only shows you where you currently sit, but also gives you recommendations, based on your results on what your next steps should be.

So, you've read the sales pitch and you probably think... "Yeah it sounds good but I don't have the time" or "I don't know whether it will work for me". Now that's perfectly normal, it's human nature.......

It's also Absolute Bull !

That may sound harsh - But it's true. I hear these excuses EVERY DAY from procrastinating managers. I also apply these tools Every day and I get RESULTS Every day.

That's how I know without reservation that these tools can be applied by anyone with average intelligence and a determination to 'Make it go right' to really make a difference and radically change your business fortunes ! 

AND I'm so confident that YOU TOO can apply these tools to turn YOUR business around, I'm giving you a completely unconditional 60 day money back guarantee!

I have total faith in my product - Do you have faith in yourself ?

Now, The Only Thing Stopping You From Turning Your Business Around Is..... YOU !


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